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Adelaide Fringe 2018

Red Bastard

Red Bastard - Lie with Me

Lie with Me

At The Parasol Lounge, Gluttony

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8.20pm 16th Feb to 18th March

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex

Red Bastard - Lie with Me

at The Parasol Lounge, Gluttony

8.20pm 16th Feb to 18th March

How free is your love?  You're about to find out. Every. Single. One of you.  Red Bastard has come to Adelaide to expose the lies we tell our lovers and those bastards who made us lie in the first place!

Red Bastard returns to charm, disarm, shock and seduce in this brilliant new show.

"Jaw dropping" ★★★★★ - The Scotsman

"Red Bastard will change your life" ★★★★★ - The Skinny

"Hilarious and beautifully written...This show is more than an act, it’s an experience" ★★★★★ - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

"Top 5 Show in the UK" ★★★★★ - The List

"Perfectly crafted" ★★★★★ - Broadway Baby

Ages 18+

Top 7 “I SAW THEM BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS” Adelaide Fringe 2018 Shows, as chosen by Adelady


"a unique mix of comedy, physical theatre, clowning, psychology, improvisation, audience interaction, poking around in the dark places of our minds, confrontation and joy.. an exhilarating, high speed thrill ride of a show. It will make you ask yourself questions and might even change your life. He can be strangely charming and definitely effecting. Like any roller coaster ride it’s fear, exhilaration, joy and endorphins." – HiFi Way
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"intense, thought provoking yet highly amusing show.. Red Bastards Show is infectious" – ★★★★ All About Entertainment
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"Red Bastard’s unforgettable performance will have you immersed – forcing you to take part through your thoughts alone as you reflect on your past or current romances. Regardless of whether you are a ‘swan’, a ‘pervert’ or a ‘dirty pony’, we are all complicit… a reflective masterpiece that will stay with you for days. An Adelaide Fringe highlight and an unquestionable must see" – ★★★★ The Adelaidian



"This show is funny, it is poignant, and at times you feel like you are on the front seat of a rickety roller coaster as the white-faced, red-costumed fairy of fear scours the audience for another person to engage with." – ★★★★★ The Adelaide Show
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"graceful, fearsome, funny, and confronting.. as funny as it is thought provoking" – ★★★★★ Glam Adelaide
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Red Bastard - Lie with Me Red Bastard - Lie with Me
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