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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Matt Stellingwerf

Matt Stellingwerf - Interview with a Serial Killer

Interview with a Serial Killer

At Monkey Barrel Comedy Club

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Tues 13th Aug at 1.20pm

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex Ltd

Matt Stellingwerf - Interview with a Serial Killer

at Monkey Barrel Comedy Club

Tues 13th Aug at 1.20pm

Very special one off show: Interview with a Serial Killer: Stories, Science and Facts from a Former Criminologist

Matt Stellingwerf is the newest star on the UK comedy scene, having dominated the comedy stages of New Zealand for the last five years. Highly regarded by his peers, Matt has won four NZ Comedy Guild Awards, including Best Newcomer, and been nominated for the much coveted Billy T Award, as well as several others.

A Hamilton-born and Wanganui-raised farmer's son, Matt trained as a criminologist, he is also an award-winning bar fly, a genuinely lovely guy, and a man full of contradictions.

He expertly brings these contradictions to the stage, with his typical low-key style and confidence, finding the humour in topics as diverse as love, mental illness, sex, drugs, and a crazy interview he once conducted with a serial killer on Death Row…

When this erudite satire-superstar gets onto the stage, the acceleration from zero to a hundred jokes is measured in seconds. Matt Stellingwerf's deftly crafted jokes display a man full of seriously good comedic talent.

"...an intellectual ‘Fonze’...extremely laid back and relaxed with the audience, seamlessly having banter and keeping his cool" - Keeping Up with NZ

Matt Stellingwerf - Interview with a Serial Killer

See the show at:

13th August 2019
The Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh Festival Fringe - tickets available soon

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