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Mat Ricardo: The Extraordinary Gentleman

The Extraordinary Gentleman

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Mat Ricardo - The Extraordinary Gentleman

The Extraordinary Gentleman is Mat Ricardo’s brand new show; a showcase of the exceptional skills gained from a life of commitment and practice, scalpel-sharp wit honed from three decades of performances on stages, clubs, streets and circus Spiegel tents.

This is the worlds most critically-acclaimed variety artist. His seemingly impossible tricks are elegantly spectacular, and, occasionally, death defying. This is unforgettable entertainment.

Mat's unique one man show features astonishing displays of dexterity and showmanship not seen since the heyday of vaudeville, extracts from which have been performed privately for HRH Prince Charles, and to a standing ovation on NBC's highest rated show ‘America's Got Talent’ in 2019.

Mat Ricardo is The Extraordinary Gentleman – the leading speciality act of the British cabaret revival.

A natural comedian who presents huge laughs, serious skills, slapstick, breath taking spectacle, genuine danger, and dexterous elegance  - he is a man, very simply, at the top of his game. Except that he created the game.

Mat learned his craft on the cobblestones of Covent Garden, and continues to be one of the most quick-witted, high-skilled, well-travelled and sharply-dressed entertainers in the business.

“World class circus skills that can only be perfected through a lifetime of devotion”

He’s performed at such iconic venues as the Royal Albert Hall, The Savoy Hotel, and Hollywood's Magic Castle.

He has entertained corporate clients too numerous to mention, including the British Royal Family, and consulted on major Hollywood movies; teaching ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill in Guy Ritchie movie ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’, and tutored Hollywood heavyweight Jude Law on set. Mat has guest-starred on many British television shows, most notably this year on America’s Got Talent, and ‘Tu Si Que Vales’, in Italy, but is never happier than when he's in front of a live audience, with a glint in his eye and a trick up his sleeve.

The Extraordinary Gentleman is perfect for an intimate room, where the audience are close enough to feel every gasp and mutter of amazement.  A bespoke, clandestine cabaret performance, very much in keeping with the tradition of the Edwardian parlour entertainments, and the modern high-end close-up magicians of New York. Aan intimate performance, a strictly limited audience, with a mysterious nature to every show.

This is something completely unique.. grown-up, almost illicit, yet at its heart, simply 75 minutes of unforgettable entertainment.

Praise for Mat Ricardo

"Dazzling!" Metro

Brilliant!” The Herald

"Terrific humour and genuine skillThe Guardian

"Immensely skilled and very funny" Time Out

"Mat Ricardo is amazingHRH Prince Charles

"Mat Ricardo is the Derren Brown of jugglingLoveFringe

"often described as the best variety act in the business and deservedly so★★★★★ Broadway Baby

"Undoubtedly one of the greatest variety artists at work today.. one trick provoked the purest gasp I’ve ever heard★★★★The Scotsman

"What I love about you is you are a Showman.. You're taking a gamble - that gamble paid offHowie Mandel

"Relentless hilarious, jaw-dropping fun…Ricardo’s smooth wit drives the show at full speed. It takes more than dexterity to bring this timeless art to the forefront. It takes dazzling showmanship, spot-on comic timing and bucket-loads of style. It takes Mat RicardoER Magazine

"As a dapperly dressed gentleman juggler, his props include cigar boxes, snooker cues, silverware and – in a signature trick – tablecloths. His dexterity is captivating, whether he’s sending coloured bottles spinning like fireworks or manipulating a hat, cane and wine glass in an elegant routine that borders on dance – one of several bits perfectly timed to a musical track." The Scotsman

"real aplomb, terrific humour and genuine skill. This showman deserves your applause." The Guardian

 “The word ‘legend’ is bandied about a bit too much these days… But if there’s one man on the cabaret circuit who deserves that status, it’s Mat Ricardo. Adored by audiences, worshipped by performers.. Mat is a genuine treat who never fails to astound..” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby 

Mat Ricardo: The Extraordinary Gentleman

See the show at:

3rd September 2021
Crazy Coqs, Brassiere Zedels, London, UK

21st October 2021
Crazy Coqs, Brassiere Zedels, London, UK - On sale

8.45pm, Sat 23rd Oct 2021
The Corby Cube, UK - On sale 26th July

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