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Jamie Raven

Jamie Raven: Making Magic

Making Magic

At various venues throughout Autumn 2018

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Autumn 2018

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex

Jamie Raven - Making Magic

at various venues throughout Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018

Jamie Raven, the man who made Simon Cowell say “I now actually believe in Magic!!” On route to finishing Britain’s Got Talent that year as the “Highest Placed Human” Is back doing what he does best as he takes his brand new show “Making Magic” on tour across the country in 2018.

The brand new show will take a look at how magicians do what they do. Why does magic work? How are our hearts fooled into believing something that our brains know simply can't be true?

Making Magic will culminate in a random member of the audience, with absolutely no performing experience whatsoever, being turned into a magician in order to perform the final trick of the show live on stage with Jamie

The lovable Magician who headlined the West End Box Office Smash “The Illusionists” before taking his first sell out tour “Jamie Raven - Live” out on the road in 2016 & 2017, will take you on a journey through the magical world in which he operates. Explaining How Magic works, and what it means to so many different types people. However, as with everything this man does, not always is everything as it seems.

Expect the very unexpected, and to laugh as much as you are mystified. Sit back, relax, and suspend your belief in all you thought was possible, and watch as Jamie Raven shows you exactly how for 25 years he has been “Making Magic”.

Jamie Raven: Making Magic Jamie Raven: Making Magic

See the show at:

24 September 2018 
The Lancaster Grand

25 September 2018 
The Lowther Pavilion

26 September 2018 
The Theatre Royal, Wakefield

27 September 2018 
The Dancehouse, Manchester

28 September 2018 
Northwich Memorial Court, Northwich

29 September 2018 
Tyne Theatre, Newcastle

1 & 2 October 2018 
Norwich Playhouse

3 October 2018 
Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

4 October 2018 
Churchill Theatre, Bromley

5 October 2018 
Dorking Halls, Dorking

7 October 2018 
Camberley Theatre, Camberley

8 October 2018 
The Palace, Southend on Sea

10 October 2018 
The Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn

11 October 2018 
Beck Theatre, Hayes

13 October 2018 
The Magnet Leisure Centre, Maidenhead

15 October 2018 
The Alban Arena, St. Albans

16 October 2018 
The Haymarket, Basingstoke

17 October 2018 
The Theatre Royal, Margate

18 October 2018 
The Core at Corby Cube

19 October 2018 
The Corn Exchange, Newbury

20 October 2018 
Ferneham Hall, Fareham

21 October 2018 
Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe

22 October 2018 
The Hexagon, Reading

23 October 2018 
The Grove Theatre, Dunstable

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