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Axel Blake: In Style
Alun Cochrane: Stuff and Nonsense
The Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz
Adam Kay - This is Going to Hurt: LIVE
Adam Kay - This is Going to Hurt: LIVE
Ray Bradshaw: The Ray Bradshow
John Robertson's 'The Dark Room'
John Robertson's 'The Dark Room'
TAPE FACE: Las Vegas 2018-2019-2020-2021
TAPE FACE: Las Vegas 2018-2019-2020-2021

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2020

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

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Past productions

Past productions

Past productions

Past productions

Past productions

Past productions

Past productions

Past productions

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Mat Ricardo: Showman

Various venues at Throughout 2016

Mat Ricardo: Showman

The Gentleman Juggler, leading speciality act of the British cabaret revival and the UK’s most successful juggler, presents big laughs, serious skills, slapstick, and breathtaking spectacle in arguably the best show of his career; ‘Showman’. See genuine danger, dexterous elegance, and thrills, performed by a man at the top of his game. Mat is now in the middle of a Nationwide and European tour, with new Spring dates just announced.

In 2014 Mat returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by popular demand, following a sell-out season in the West End, made many high profile television appearances, and was invited back for a 3 date run at the Southbank’s Mime Festival 2015, a rare honour.

"Brilliant!" - The Herald


"This is a gloriously old-fashioned, neatly put together show, one that looks back to the golden age of variety and vaudeville. It does what it does with real aplomb, terrific humour and genuine skill. This showman deserves your applause. ." – The Guardian
Read the full review here


Two and a half decades of work, practice, honing, polishing, brainstorming and attempting if not the impossible then certainly the bloody difficult, means that in a world where variety is seen as an unfashionable relic only suited for talent shows, Mat Ricardo is at the forefront of the reinvention and re-evaluation of his art form.

"Incredible skills. Engaging and funny" - The Scotsman


Showman is packed with tricks, with genuine displays of danger, teeming with understated dexterous elegance, thrills, skills, spectacle, slapstick and wit. He beguiles his audience with both old favourites and signature routines, including some tricks that haven't been performed for decades, and some that have never been performed before at all. Oh, and one that killed a fellow juggler in 1936. No biggie.

Don't have time to see all of Mat Ricardo's critically-acclaimed one man show "Showman"? Fine! Here's the whole thing in less than a minute and a half. Without the jokes. So, actually, you're probably better off just going to see him on tour….. ;)

"A legend... we left feeling rather richer to have spent an hour basking in his warm and commanding presence" - Total Theatre


The leading speciality act of the British cabaret revival, winner of Best Speciality Act in the London Cabaret Awards, and the UK's most successful juggler, Mat Ricardo delivers a show packed full of big laughs, serious skills and breath-taking spectacle.

"Immensely skilled and very funny" - Time Out


Winner: Best Speciality Act – London Cabaret Awards

Winner: Herald Angel Theatre Award

"Slick, sublime and eloquent" - The Skinny


"A fantastic show" - Heckler (Adelaide)


"As a dapperly dressed gentleman juggler, his props include cigar boxes, snooker cues, silverware and – in a signature trick – tablecloths. His dexterity is captivating, whether he’s sending coloured bottles spinning like fireworks or manipulating a hat, cane and wine glass in an elegant routine that borders on dance – one of several bits perfectly timed to a musical track." – ★★★★ The Scotsman
Read the full review here


The Axis of Awesome
Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas

Gilded Balloon, Debating Hall

9:00pm 30th July to 24th August (not 21st August)

Stephen Bailey
Neon Heart

Gilded Balloon, Wee Room

4.15pm 30th July to 24th August (not 11th)

Red Bastard

Pleasance, Forth

7pm, 30th July to 24th August (not 6, 11, 12, 18)

Mat Ricardo

Pleasance, Jack Dome

8.10pm, 31st July to 16th August (not 11th)

Lloyd Griffith
Voice of an Angel, Body of a Truck Driver

Pleasance This - Pleasance Courtyard

7.15pm, 30th July to 24th August (not 11th)

Lili la Scala
Another F*cking Variety Show

Pleasance Queen Dome

11.00pm 31st July – 23rd August (not 11/ 18/ 24th)

Jonny Awsum
Sexy Noises

Gilded Balloon, Balcony

10.15pm, 30th July to 24th August (not 11th)

Harriet Dyer
Barking at Aeroplanes

Laughing Horse, The Alcove, Bar 50

8.30pm, 31st July to 24th August ( not 11th)

Gein's Family Giftshop
Volume 1

Pleasance Attic

10.45pm, 30th July to 24th August (not 11th)

Fin Taylor
Real Talk

Just the Tonic, The Tron

10.20pm, 31st July to 24th August (not 12th)

Dan Nightingale
Is Trying His Best Not to be a Dick

Pleasance Jack Dome

5.30pm, 30th July to 24th August (not 11th)

Come Heckle Christ

Pleasance Courtyard, Above

10.20pm, 31st July to 24th August (not 11th, 18th, 25th)

Andrew O'Neill
History of Heavy Metal

Pleasance Jack Dome

9pm, 30th July to 24th August (not 21st )

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