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Adelaide Fringe 2018

Ben Hart

Ben Hart - Belief?


At The Parasol Lounge, Gluttony

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7pm, 16th Feb to 18th March

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex

Ben Hart - Belief?

at The Parasol Lounge, Gluttony

7pm, 16th Feb to 18th March

West End Star and Edinburgh Cabaret Award nominee Ben Hart is a unique artist: teller of tall tales, mad inventor and sleight-of-hand master. His performances are a dark, beautiful, baffling and wickedly funny treasure trove of impossible mysteries, visual alchemy, outrageous lies and brutal honesty. Magic shows just aren’t supposed to be this… real. Sold out Edfringe 2014 & 2017.

"Makes sceptics become believers" ★★★★★ - Broadway Baby

"Highly impressive hour of technical excellence and irresistible charm…devilishly clever" - ★★★★ The Scotsman

"Eye-boggling…his sleight of hand is extraordinary" ★★★★ - Time Out

"Utterly Enchanting" ★★★★ - Daily Mail

"He did things that left me, a man who sees a lot of magic, dumbfounded...Believe me, you have to see this show" ★★★★ - Broadway Baby

(Ages 12+)

Adelaide Fringe Awards: BankSA Award Winner Week One: Best Magic Show

Top 7 “I SAW THEM BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS” Adelaide Fringe 2018 Shows, as chosen by Adelady


"BRITISH magician Ben Hart has a huge following back home - and for good reason. He is one very classy act. What Hart can do with his hands in front of an enthralled audience in a cosy tent is truly mesmerising. Mind-blowing, in fact. This articulate, polite young fellow is a supreme master of the vanishing act, making various objects simply disappear or seemingly transcend space by shifting from one spot to another on his uncluttered stage. A self-described numbers man obsessed with sequential thought, he intersperses each of his jaw-dropping tricks with an entertaining, humour-laced scientific monologue while actively interacting with his guests. A live video stream captures most of his show on a large screen, transfixing his stunned audience as he performs magical marvels with playing cards, borrowed jewellery, sealed tins and thread. What he does with the shadow of one volunteer sitting in a chair version is truly astounding. Fans of the incredible British deductionist Colin Cloud, a standout at last year’s Fringe, will love Ben Hart. He really is a must see. Don’t miss him." – ★★★★★ The Advertiser, Adelaide
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"perfect blend of magic, theatre, psychological commentary and a dash of humour" – ★★★★★ Glam Adelaide
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Ben Hart - Belief? Ben Hart - Belief?
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