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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Ada Campe

Ada Campe and the Psychic Duck

Ada Campe and her Psychic Duck

At The Stand’s New Town Theatre

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3rd to 12th & 14th to 25th Aug at 2.50pm

Naomi Paxton & The Stand

Ada Campe - Ada Campe and her Psychic Duck

at The Stand’s New Town Theatre

3rd to 12th & 14th to 25th Aug at 2.50pm

Sometimes it’s the most unexpected and delightful moments that shape your future. Join award-winning variety artiste Ada Campe and the Psychic Duck for a show about wonderful women, strange encounters and a fairground mystery.

Ada Campe's performances are true variety at it's best, rife with the absurd and the outlandish, mystery and intrigue and unabashed, pure comedy. Resplendent in greasepaint and glorious feathered headdress, she is flamboyant and quite possibly bonkers, but she knows how to spin a showbusiness anecdote. Her shows feature more shaggy dogs than psychic ducks, but her theatrical delivery draws the audience in, with extended stories that cast a spell long before she asks anyone to pick a card.

"Her eyes gleam as she confides in her audience conspiratorially. She treats each fact as though it were a gift she was bestowing on the audience. Campe is a natural born storyteller with a flare for the dramatic" -  Ed Fest Mag

"Ducks, drama and debauchery from an accomplished character comedian.. an hour packed with magic, storytelling and plenty of laughs. as absurd as it sounds – but Campe’s natural stage presence keeps the audience in the palm of her hand with a twisting narrative of Welsh fairgrounds and mysterious showgirls. This ability to weave a story and control a crowd is when Campe is at her strongest, easily hitting punchlines and responding to the audience with charm.The atmosphere evoked is one of a slightly debaucherous variety club compered by a mischievously charming character with many a story to tell – and that’s no bad way to spend an afternoon at the Fringe." - The Skinny

"Extravagantly mischievous… devilishly eccentric... a real original and with irrepressible funny bones.. brilliantly crowd-pleasing act" – Chortle

"Part raconteur, part magician, part comedian, Campe is as enigmatic as she is eccentric.. an hour with Ada will not be forgotten in a hurry" - Fest Mag

“strong sense of the ridiculous.. tears of joyful laughter.. absolutely fabulous” – ★★★★★ ScotsGay
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“An icon of her own design, Campe delivers her own style of bonkers brilliance with this simple but incredible story of magic.. sensational humour and stagecraft.. a loving ride through the wonders of circus, cabaret and variety.. escape into this rousing realm of storytelling, marvelling at the stature and enchantment of its awe-inspiring star” – ★★★★★ Wee Review
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“With her outlandish eye makeup, headdress and conspiratorial air, Ada Campe effortlessly draws her audience into her story. Thanks to Campe’s dramatic delivery and enviable turn of phrase, it’s also very funny. Created by Naomi Paxton, Campe employs her considerable charm to recruit audience members to aid her in her flights of fancy (one plays an escaped moose) and to join her in a concluding dance. It’s a world as convincing as it is amusing, both eccentric and deeply researched.” – The Guardian
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“a marvellous teller of tall tales, purveyor of puns and occasional conjurer, in roughly that order. This show shows off those skills to a tee. Immediately commanding the stage with her charming sense of naughtiness and wide, darting eyes.. an Angela Carter-esque enclave of faintly feminist fantasy populated by enough fascinating women to inspire anyone with a beating heart to forsake the mundanity of daily life. This is a magic show of sorts, with a number of pleasing tricks. But the real appeal lies in Campe’s magnetic presence and ticklish way with words. She seems silly yet wise and has a lovely turn of phrase, incorporating oddball verbiage (“esoteric waterfowl”) and a smattering of smut. Her marshalling of audience volunteers is confident, kind and increasingly bizarre, and the peculiar worldmaking of her tales makes for a truly transporting hour. After an utterly bonkers finale, you leave with your head buzzing with visions of an enchanted and empowering world” – ★★★★ The Scotsman
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Ada Campe and the Psychic Duck
Ada Campe and the Psychic Duck

See the show at:

3 to 12 & 14-25 August 2019
The Stand's New Town Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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