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4MG: The Boyband of Magic

4MG: The Boyband of Magic

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Lee Martin for Gag Reflex Ltd

4MG: The Boyband of Magic

Reaching the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2019 catapulted 4MG: The Boyband of Magic into the public eye.

Since then, thanks to the overwhelming support of their fans and the British public they continue to wow audiences with their innovative performances.

Each member of 4MG have their own unique style of magic, separately they are amazing, and together they are utterly mind-blowing.


Harry (The Influencer) specialises in magic of the mind. He can appear to predict the future, control your actions and tell you what you are thinking; Theo (The Cardshark) handles a simple deck of 52 cards with balletic precision; and Dean (The Manipulator) appears to make objects vanish, switch, float and transform right before your eyes. In a unique twist it is you, the audience, who complete the line-up. You are the fourth member of the group as the boys ask for plucky audience members to get involved in the magic on stage.

No group like this exists in the world of magic and on this, their debut UK tour, you are guaranteed a show that is fast-paced, fresh and lots of fun.

Suitable for all ages.

"Dazzling! You’re fresh and exciting, Amazing magicians and incredible magic”
– David Walliams


"You're amazing. I really like you guys; I think you have a great career ahead of you”
– Simon Cowell


"you smashed it out of the park, a really great modern and unique way of doing magic”
– Amanda Holden


"Loved it boys, you smashed it, you’re young, you’re fresh and I’ve never seen anything like this before. Your presentation is incredible”
– Alesha Dixon


4MG: The Boyband of Magic
4MG: The Boyband of Magic 4MG: The Boyband of Magic

See the show at:

10 April 2020
The Lowry, Salford

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