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'The Elvis Dead'


'The Elvis Dead'

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'The Elvis Dead'
'The Elvis Dead'
'The Elvis Dead'

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‘The Elvis Dead’ is an audio/visual mash-up concert show, telling the story of Evil Dead 2 through the classic songs of Elvis Presley, and a love letter to both. It’s a multi award winning Edinburgh Fringe cult hit.

“Twisted Genius” ★★★★ Sunday Times

“very funny” ★★★★★ Beyond The Joke

“Instant Fringe cult classic" ★★★★ The List

Every now and then an idea strikes that seems extremely absurd and yet at the same time bizarrely fitting. A tribute concert to the sequel to the ultimate in gruelling terror… and the King of Rock‘n’Roll is such an idea; incredibly original, brilliantly executed, and encapsulating the spirit that permeates the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Elvis Dead enthralled Deadheads and Gracelanders alike, winning over lovers of one, and haters of both. It was the late-night CULT HIT of the Fringe, with punters queuing round the block to nab a seat at the midnight show.

"like a one-man Rocky Horror Show"
– The Telegraph


In 2017 the show won both the ‘Best Show’ and ‘Best Musical’ award at the Leicester Comedy Festival, gained a ‘Best Newcomer’ nomination in the prestigeous lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Awards, won 'Best Newcomer' and was nominated at the 2018 Chortle Awards for ‘Best Music/Variety’.

"THE cult hit of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.. bloody good fun!"
– ★★★★Chortle


The multi-award winning comedy musical is the brain child of comedian Rob Kemp; where Cult classic horror movie Evil Dead 2 is reinterpreted through the songs of Elvis, in tribute to the terror filled sequel and the king of rock'n'roll himself.

Rev up the Delta and come on a trip to a cabin in the Tennessee backwoods via Graceland, to witness: Cult classic horror movie Evil Dead 2 reinterpreted through the songs of Elvis Presley.

"Kemp has an incredible voice. Many think they can do an Elvis impersonation but Kemp really can, belting out the tunes that oh so familiar baritone"
– ★★★★Fest




It's a delight that the show then made the journey south to London for a late-night weekend residence at the Soho Theatre, and retained its brio with audiences, extending its run after full houses. It returned to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018 due to massive demand , and saw audiences return night after night to witness the unique and enthralling magical performance that Rob Kemp creates.

"Kemp will win you over very quickly & interacts with the audience in such an entertaining manner, celebrating both an icon of music history & a film that boasts a mass cult following" – ★★★★The Student Newspaper


"This Malcolm Hardee Award-winning show returns for a 2nd yr, polished as ever but still performed with full-on commitment to the cause of retelling The Evil Dead II through the songs of Elvis.. remarkably funny." – Recommended - British Comedy Guide


"It’s a mind-bending, very funny and extraordinary performance - and you never stop laughing at the crazy juxtaposition of it all. It’s a glorious celebration both of horror movies and of Elvis Presley. It is totally ludicrous but somehow, wonderfully, it is all done with love"
– ★★★★★Beyond the Joke


"As Kemp convincingly goes the full Bruce Campbell to physically contort and exhaust himself on stage in the service of comedy horror, juggling cardboard chainsaws, plastic shotguns and blood spray bottles, it’s impossible not to be on board with every groan-worthy lyric, every shonky piece of 'acting', and even every accidental break in character. The tunes are classic. The film is a classic. And this execution is so filled with love and joy that only a deadite would fail to be entertained. Hail to the King"
– ★★★★Skinny



  • Winner – Chortle Awards – ‘Best Newcomer’ - 2018
  • Nominee – Chortle Awards – ‘Best Music/Variety’ - 2018
  • Winner – Amused Moose Edinburgh Fringe Festival Awards – ‘Outstanding Show’ – 2017
  • Winner – Leicester Comedy Festival – ‘Best Show’ – 2017
  • Winner – Leicester Comedy Festival – ‘Best Musical’ – 2017
  • Winner – Malcolm Hardee Edinburgh Fringe Festival Awards - ‘Act most likely to make a million quid’ – 2017
  • Winner – Comedians Choice Awards – ‘Best Performer’ – 2017
  • Nominee – Edinburgh Comedy Awards – ‘Best Newcomer’ - 2017
  • Nominee – Malcolm Hardee Edinburgh Fringe Festival Awards - ‘Award for Comic Originality’ – 2017
  • Nominee – Comedians Choice Awards – ‘Best Show – 2017
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