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Morgan & West


Morgan & West
Morgan & West

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Morgan & West


Magicians, time travellers and all round spiffing chaps Morgan & West are the most splendid gentleman magicians that you will meet, able to amaze and astound an audience, whilst keeping them grinning from ear to ear.

"Very special magic from a brilliantly ingenious duo”
– Derren Brown


Uniquely placed as ‘the 19th Century’s greatest magic duo’ this pair of prestidigitators are equally right at home in the luxurious surroundings of a theatre, festival spiegeltent or conference venue stage.

"We love everything about you.. You are wicked good!”
– Penn & Teller


These time travelling tricksters have performed their unique brand of magic, wit and whimsy on stages all over the UK, and indeed all around the world. Anywhere there are boards to be trodden, crowds to be wowed or tea to be drunk Morgan & West will be there with miracles in tow. The duo combine humour and inexplicable feats of magic into a unique and very contemporary take on the era of the music hall.

"That was tremendous”
– Jonathan Ross


"slick performers, with the sort of tight banter and shared wit you get from a decade performing together.. pair pick up each others’ thoughts seamlessly. Elegant flourishes and an engaging humour”
– Chortle


Counting Dynamo, Derren Brown, and Penn & Teller amongst their fans, this dashing duo are highly sought after for their excellent, fooling, and endearing magic. They present a conjuring spectacular to the audiences of the modern day.






"Hugely talented”
– ★★★★The Daily Mirror


Morgan & West bring a magical extravaganza to a millennium near you. These temporal tricksters have a show brimming over with baffling magic. An unforgettable evening of magic, mystery, and the unexplainable.

"Superbly crafted”
– ★★★★The Stage


A heart stopping, opinion adjusting, death defying, mind frying, spirit lifting, paradigm shifting, outlook changing, furniture rearranging magic extravaganza!

Witness a mountain of mysterious magic, a hatful of hyper-reality, and of course a truck full of tricks and tea. Mixing brain boggling illusion and good old fashioned tom-foolery, this time travelling magic duo provide an evening chock full of jaw dropping, brain bursting, gasp eliciting feats of magic.

"I can’t recall the last time my awe was so thoroughly struck”
– ★★★★ Scotsman


Morgan & West have fooled Penn & Teller (Fool Us ITV 1), competed to be the Next Great Magician (ITV1), and even attempted to escape The Slammer (CBBC).

The dashing chaps offer up a plateful of illusion and impossibility, all served with wit, charm and no small amount of panache. Be sure to wear a hat – Morgan & West might just blow your mind

"Instead of the standard rabbits from hats, card tricks and glamorous assistants, this show has the dynamic, dapperly-dressed duo Rhys Morgan and Robert West, whose hilarious caricatures and witty, incessant banter accompanied an impressive array of tricks and illusions to make a thoroughly enjoyable hour-long show”
– Primary Times


With new twists on old tricks, Morgan & West have toured the world with their vaudevillian-style shows, entertained at corporate and private events, and been a popular addition to Festivals Nationwide.

Television & film:

  • Penn & Teller Fool Us Series 5 - CW Network, USA
  • Penn & Teller Fool Us Series 1 - ITV, UK
  • The Next Great Magician - ITV, UK
  • The Slammer - CBBC, UK
  • Fun and Filth Cabaret - BBC

Currently appearing at:

Gag Reflex look after Morgan and West's private and Corporate engagements

Contact hannah@gagreflex.co.uk to enquire about their availibility / suitability for your next event

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