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Matt Stellingwerf


Matt Stellingwerf

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Matt Stellingwerf

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Matt Stellingwerf


Highly regarded by his peers, New Zealander Matt Stellingwerf has won four NZ Comedy Guild Awards, including Best Newcomer, and been nominated for the much coveted Billy T Award, as well as several others. He is now UK based, and respected nationwide by promoters and comedy venues.

"Matt utterly stole the show on Saturday! He’s an outstanding act"
– Comedy Cafe, London


A Hamilton-born and Wanganui-raised farmer's son, Matt trained as a criminologist. He is also an award-winning bar fly, a genuinely lovely guy, and a man full of contradictions. He expertly brings these contradictions to the stage, with his low-key style and confidence; finding the humour in topics as diverse as love, mental illness, sex, drugs, and a crazy interview he once conducted with a serial killer on Death Row…

When this erudite satire-superstar gets onto the stage, the acceleration from zero to a hundred jokes is measured in seconds. Matt Stellingwerf's deftly crafted jokes display a man full of seriously good comedic talent. 

"Stellingwerf’s comedy is intelligent, clever and thoroughly researched...all the while being really likeable "
– Libel


His intelligent style is an interdisciplinary mix of the self-deprecating, satirical and hyperbolic. Grazing upon an all-encompassing choice of topics, he presents information that combines the informative or the personal narrative with pithy personal observations, and the audience laughs easily and applauds readily. 

He has an effortless confidence, and is possessed of a talent for rapid audience interaction that is safe and unthreatening, with the disarming ability to amuse and make you feel smart all at the same time. Having previously been a criminologist, there is a certain degree of scientific reason to Stellingwerf’s material. He has an intellectual wit that is constantly on point, allowing him to mock others for their stupidity without coming across as obnoxious.

"...an intellectual ‘Fonze’...extremely laid back and relaxed with the audience, seamlessly having banter and keeping his cool"
– Keeping Up with NZ


Matt’s material focuses on primatology, criminology, social media, politics and politicians, love – all well-constructed yarns, embellished with original thought. Further, his opinions or observations, some of which seem researched and factually based and are interesting anecdotes in their own rights, are bracketed in jokes that are themselves bracketed in jokes. Even simple scrutiny of his audience's reactions, or summaries of his immediately preceding spiel, are funny. 

His strength as a compere is reflected in his 3-time nominations for Best MC at the New Zealand Comedy Festival. Set wise he has toured extensively, performing throughout NZ, Australia, the USA & the United Kingdom, with dynamite short sets, and solo shows to huge acclaim. He has enjoyed recognition on NZ television in Maori TV's Crack Up, Rhys Darby's Short Poppies, TV3's AotearoHA: Rising Stars and TV ONE’s Coverband.

Matt performs at both club and private/ corporate events, pitching his performance perfectly

"He went down a storm.. we loved his cultural comparisons and knowledge sharing of New Zealand customs. Our Chief Executive thought Matt was great – always a tall order.. massive thanks to Matt and to you for setting us up."
– Director of Marketing, FareShare


"Matt was a huge success and he found the perfect balance of adding some humour to the event whilst still ensuring our key messages were delivered in an effective way.. Matt was a big hit with everyone who attended. We’d definitely recommend Matt and would happily book him again if the opportunity arises"
– Project Manager, NeoPost


"a huge thank you for sending Matt to our Christmas party. He was a huge hit and got the measure of the many personalities in our office spot on. We would love to have him back next year so I will be in contact"
– United Talent Agency


Stellingwerf is a man to watch out for. Note this man's name. Go see him raise the comedy bar. He is clearly destined for big things, so that in the future when you see him and his name on TV, you can boast that you saw him in person.


  • Nominee – Best Newcomer - Brighton Fringe - 2018
  • Best Show - GoMedia Christchurch Comedy Carnival - 2016
  • Best Comedy – Dunedin Fringe - 2016
  • Nominee – Billy T Award - 2016
  • Nominee – Billy T Award - 2015
  • Winner - The Classic Bar Fly Award – NZ International Comedy Festival - 2015
  • Nominee - Best MC – NZ International Comedy Festival - 2015
  • Nominee - Best MC – NZ International Comedy Festival - 2014
  • Nominee - Best MC – NZ International Comedy Festival - 2013
  • Winner - Gag of the Year – NZ International Comedy Festival - 2013
  • Winner - Best Newcomer – NZ International Comedy Festival - 2012

Appearances & credits


  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018
  • Brighton Fringe Festival 2018
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017
  • New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2016
  • GoMedia Christchurch Comedy Carnival 2016
  • Dunedin Fringe Festival 2016
  • New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2015
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015
  • Dunedin Fringe Festival 2015
  • New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2014
  • Dunedin Fringe Festival 2014
  • New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2013
  • Dunedin Fringe Festival 2013
  • New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2012

Television & film:

  • Only In Aotearoa - Maori TV - 2017
  • AotearoHA; Rising Stars - TV3 - 2015
  • Crack Up - Maori TV - 2014
  • Rhys Darby's Short Poppies - TV One - 2014
  • Coverband - TV One - 2014

Currently appearing at:

Appearing regularly at the following clubs in the UK; The Comedy Store, The Comedy Cafe, The Boatshow, Piccadilly Comedy, The Comedy Company, Last Laugh Sheffield, Funhouse Comedy, Mirth Control, Up the Creek, Good Ship Comedy, The Frog & Bucket, Damion Larkin etc

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