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Bowjangles are a multifaceted music- comedy sketch group, made up of four classically trained musicians. Quirky, sexy, hilarious and completely unique, they offer an incredible eccentric Vaudeville style performance, like nothing you have seen before.

"the characters are fun and fantastical, and the ever-changing mood created by the performers and their instruments is nothing short of masterful. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more multi-talented group in all my years of reviewing.. the chemistry and personality ooze from this awesome foursome.. bags of fun, packed with personality and great for the whole family
– Edinburgh 49


"Totally uncynical, the all-ages show was truly appreciated by everyone. The quartet's energy was staggering "
– Views from the Gods


Ezme on Cello, Bertie on Viola, and Ollie & Mitch on Violin, have been working together as Bowjangles for 10 years. The group combine virtuosic string quartet performances with classy vocals, hilarious comedy and energetic dance moves.Their three stunning stage shows hark back to the good old days of Music Hall Variety - when talent was truly multi-dimensional. You'd never have imagined that anyone could incorporate classical music and modern comedy quite so brilliantly.

"An extraordinary night... Every element of the show was executed brilliantly and passionately… A joy to watch"


"Superb musicians… with tuneful singing voices and a gift for physical comedy"
– Broadway Baby


"A show that kept an audience from six-years-old to sixty amused. Pure gold "
– Broadway Baby


"We were amazed by the virtuosity of people who could dance, sing and perform acrobatics at the same time as playing music of such high quality"
– Andrew Whitney


A favourite at festivals and theatres the world over, Bowjangles have that rare appeal to all ages and walks of life.


Winners - Mervyn Stutter's Sprit of the Fringe Awards - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

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